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Heavy Sweat Now Syringe

Heavy Sweat Now Syringe

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Put back what sweat takes out

Heavy Sweat NOW has been developed to offer a more convenient way to administer an electrolyte when needed ideal for shows and events. Use in addition to your horse's regular serving of Heavy Sweat.

Why Choose Heavy Sweat Now?

  • Convenient.

  • Palatable.

  • Easy to Use.

  • No Wastage.

Horseman's Tips

" Give after work exercise, in warm humid conditions or stressful situations – and remember that it is vital to have a plentiful supply of clean cold water readily available."

Heavy Sweat Now
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As an aid to settling nerves and stomach:
Administer 30 ml serving for travel, competition or in warm conditions.
Use in addition to your horse's regular serving of Heavy Sweat.
= 30ml concentrated serving
Key Ingredients
Sodium Chloride
Trisodium Citrate
Potassium Chloride