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Horse Supplement FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding our supplements please contact us. Additionally, if you have any concerns or questions about your horse's health contact your vet.

1. Where else can I buy Horse First Supplements?

You may purchase directly from us on this website, however HORSE FIRST also have a huge range of stockists making sure our supplements are easily accessible to you. To find out your nearest HORSE FIRST stockist simply follow this link to Horse First Stockists and enter your postcode. Or feel free to email us and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

2. Which supplement do I need for my horse?

We have a range of high quality ingredients whether you're looking for a calmer horse, stronger hooves and supple joints, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for at HORSE FIRST. Below is a brief outline of each supplement:

RelaxMe – More than just another calmer RelaxMe gives you a calm, less anxious horse / pony which have a quiet confidence in their own natural ablity.

RelaxMeNow syringe – RelaxMeNow has been developed to offer that boost of RelaxMe when it is needed. There are many instances when due to competition timetables i.e. early feeds, travelling, course walking etc. when a boost of RelaxMeNow two hours prior to the start of competition will really help.

Vital-V - Vital-V is the new multi-vitamin super supplement to allow your horse to reach its maximum potential. Vital-V is a unique vitamin only supplement that provides the vital nutrients needed to regulate metabolic functions throughout the body.

Heavy Sweat – Your horse can lose salts even when he does not show outward signs of sweating, especially in hot humid weather, travelling, or when he is nervous or agitated. HORSE FIRST's heavy sweat is formulated to replicate those salts lost during exercise.

HeavySweatNow syringe – Excessive sweat loss causes an electrolyte imbalance which leads to premature muscle fatigue, reduced stamina, muscle cramps and poor recovery after exercise if not corrected. Heavy SweatNOW can be given before or immediately after exercise, directly into the mouth.

Garlic & More – Garlic & More provides your horse with a range of herbs and vitamins to help utilise nutrition, aid digestion and boost the immune system in one tasty 25g serving.

Hoof First – Hoof First grows strong healthy hooves with 40mg of biotin per 25g dose, double the strength of many of our competitors which combined with a number of other proven ingredients.

Keep Me Sound – Keep Me Sound nurtures and cares for joints, hooves, coat, skin and assists the digestive system giving all-round help and support in a scoop and confidence to the owner as you watch your horse bloom.

Back To Form – Formulated as an intense boost after illness, BackToForm really saves a lot of horses from long recovery periods and is the perfect formulation to achieve a return to vitality.

B Well – B Well is the complete appetite stimulant for fussy eaters to fit racehorses. B Well also contains folic acid for fertility and pregnancy.

My Joints – My Joints is developed to work containing glucosamine, Vitamin C and sepolite.

Cuppra – Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up which brings your horses coat back to life.

Omega D - Omega D Oil is liquid sunshine for horses. Omega D contains cold pressed flax seed with the correct balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 which are known as essential fatty acids. These Omega oils cannot be naturally produced by your horse.

New Bludd – New Bludd contains high levels of iron which has been formulated with copper to enable your horse to properly absorb and utilise the iron, which increases performance, health, vigour and strength.

Exselent E - A daily supplementation of Exselent E can help avoid muscle stiffness, irregular gait, shortness of stride and nervousness.
If you are not sure which supplement would be more beneficial for your horse please get in touch here.

3. Can I use several Horse First supplements at one time?

Yes you can feed several HORSE FIRST supplements at one time however for clarification simply contact us and let us know which supplements you are using.

4. Is it possible to overfeed on any Horse First supplement?

Like any supplement it is possible to overfeed so we would advise to stick to the recommend guidelines with regards to feeding. If you have any concerns or questions about your horse's health contact your vet.

5. Where do I go if I cant find the product i want to order?

If you cannot find the HORSE FIRST product you want to order simply fill in the contact form and a member of staff will contact you within 24 hours.

6. Can I feed Horse First supplements to my pregnant mare?

Yes you can feed HORSE FIRST supplements to your pregnant mare, it is perfectly safe. If you have any queries however please feel free to contact us and your vet.

7. How long will my Horse First supplement last?

At HORSE FIRST we have accommodated you with various size of tubs depending on how many horses you have. Typically speaking a 750g tub will last 30 servings, 2Kg tub will last 80 servings and 5kg will last 200 servings.

Please note: These servings are per horse.

8. What will happen if I run out/ I am at a show for a few days and forget to give my horse his supplements?

We would advise to continue the cycle and plan for shows / when you are near to running out.

9. When should I start to see results?

Results should generally be seen within 7-10 days. However every horse is different and each of our supplements is different too. Please contact us if you have any concerns.