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Lottie Hacking Seddon Review

Hello, I just wanted to leave you a review as I’m so happy with the results and hopefully it could help someone else. I’ve been using relax me with one of my mares for just over two weeks now. The difference it had made to her has been unbelievable, she’s normally quite an anxious horse, she’s only four but a worrier to a point she’s kicking her stomach and stamping her legs around fretting.


Gets very agitated if she’s left in the stable block on her own or gets turned out first. She can be quite strong when leading as she’s a big Irish sports horse at 16.2 if she is excited to get out it can be like hanging on to the end of a kite! So we thought we would give relax me a try as had previously tried calmers with no real success and WOW. It is like it’s changed her mindset, she is so plesent to be around. Walks next to you when leading with no massive hurry, we have even been able to put her out In her paddock on her own and she’s gone off and grazed without stressing out.

The difference it’s made to her is amazing. We only ordered a 750g to see how we got on but it will become a regular addition in our feed room now.

Thank you horse first
5 Star Review

Charlotte Taylor Review

I was lucky enough to win a amazing prize from Horse First with supplements for my horse.
Recently she has been doing a lot hard work and needed a boost.

I have been using the Bludd tonic and I have never known her to be so enthusiastic with her work. We have done days of clinics followed by 12 mile fun rides and she is still wanting to canter the last mile! I will definitely be buying more.

Thank you so much.

Nicky Allen Review

I have been using Relax Me on my very tense medium dressage horse. I was sceptical but a couple of my Equine Physio clients had recommended it to me so I thought I’d give it a go.

Fred is still on the loading dose but on day 5 we went to a competition today and we rode the most relaxed tests I’ve ever ridden on him. He was a pleasure to tack up instead of legs going everywhere and just a really nice person to be with.

Long may it continue.

Off to try the joint supplement now

Sandie Fox Review

Can't praise this product enough.ive used Relaxme for my stressy horse.hes so calm and relaxed now Different horse also on hooffirst five weeks on it my farrier couldn't believe the difference so impressed He went and bought some him self for his hunters..

I've put my veteran my joints.he seemed very stiff and potty creaking joints after four day of my joints powder he was galloping bucking with vet was very next tester will be Garlic&more.dont think I need to say anything about that it's already been said..just like to say thank you paddy Hughes and your team at horse have made a lot of people happy.with your products.

They get to work in know you see the result much quicker then some supplements keep up the good work & thank you again.