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RelaxMe Calming Supplement For Horses

By Horse First 4 months ago

It’s that time of year again when horse owners are faced with animals that are more unsettled than normal...

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Omega D Oil for Horses

By Horse First 6 months ago

With horses coming from a healthy grass diet and facing into the winter, now is the time to introduce Omega Oil. Supplementing a diet with oils that contain higher levels of Omega 3 is highly beneficial to all horses.

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6 Ways To Calm A Nervous Horse

By Horse First 9 months ago

Horses are hardwired to be alert and on the lookout for predators. This natural instinct can sometimes make them a bit nervous...

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How to Build Up Your Horse's Muscle Mass

By Horse First 10 months ago

There may be several reasons why you want to build up your horse’s muscle mass. You may simply want to improve their topline, or you may have a young horse which is still developing...

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