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RelaxMe Calming Supplement For Horses

RelaxMe Calming Supplement For Horses
By Horse First 1 years ago

It’s that time of year again when horse owners are faced with animals that are more unsettled than normal. Be it the change of weather or horses being stabled more; many horse owners will admit that their horses seem fresher in the Autumn.

In the wild, horses need to be able to respond quickly to any potential threat and that involves always being alert and able to flee from danger at any time. Whilst these behaviors help with survival in the wild, they can be a hindrance when riding a domesticated horse. In contrast a well-adjusted calm horse that has low stress levels is more able to learn and is therefore more trainable. Even for those happy hackers, a calmer horse on a hack is the ultimate goal. There is nothing worse than an unmanageable horse while hacking.

Stressed Horses

With horses we must remember that any change of routine can bring new stresses with it. This may be as simple as a horse now being stabled that once lived out, or a horse being clipped. In these situations, a calmer can help to “take the edge off”, leaving you with a more relaxed horse that may be safer to handle.
As a result, many owners are now choosing horse calming supplements such as RelaxMe from Horse First to take the edge off. Along with calming the animal, they can also have the effect of making the horse feel much more relaxed and at ease in their surroundings.

Calming Supplements

Horse Calmer - Relax Me

Calming supplements for horses use specialised formulas that can include ingredients such as magnesium. RelaxMe from Horse First is a unique double action formula which works on both the gut and the nervous system. The secret in feeding RelaxMe is in the loading. Remember, no-one knows your horse better than you.

RelaxMe combines magnesium, vitamin E and B group vitamins to create a calmer more easy-going horse. With RelaxMe the secret is in the loading, so when feeding for the first time, give a loading serving, two to four 25g scoops for the first 5-10 days morning and evening until the desired effect is obtained. Then cut back to maintenance level, usually two 25g scoops per day, then before competition or stressful situations increase to loading level for 3 days before the event. With RelaxMe you will learn what's best for your horse. Magnesium is a trace element and is often the most common ingredient in many calming supplements. The form of magnesium affects how much is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and used by the animal, which is also known as bioavailability.

The ingredients used in RelaxMe may help support your horse's nervous system, contributing to a calmer and happier horse. The overall aim of RelaxMe From Horse First is to reduce acute stress and overall anxiety.
Read more about our RelaxMe Horse Calmer here.

Calming supplements such as RelaxMe may support horses who are anxious, nervous, stressed, spooked, or who display other unsettled behaviors. Even older or more experienced horses can become anxious and as a result can develop behaviors that affect their way of going. A horse that is difficult to work, young or old can be undesirable to ride and can also cause injuries to the rider or themselves.

If you think your horse is on edge, try RelaxMe from Horse First. It is used by top athletes and everyday riders. The secret in feeding RelaxMe is in the loading.Remember, no-one knows your horse better than you.