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Vital-V - 1 Litre

Vital-V - 1 Litre

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When your horse needs instant energy: 30ml per feed

Vital-V was formed following extensive research conducted by HORSE FIRST on existing multi-vitamins on the market. It found that, although many existing multi-vitamins provide vitamins and minerals, they are included in such small quantities that they have no effect on the health and performance of the horse.

Vital-V provides your horse with the correct major vitamin requirement in an easily absorbed solution, creating rapid results. It should be used in conjunction with your daily feeding regime when you require outstanding results from your horse.

Why Choose Vital-V?

  • For horses recovering from illness or tiredness.

  • For total vitality, performance and well-being.

  • Provides 10 Vital vitamins for your horse.

  • Very readily absorbed.

  • Easy and safe to measure ensuring no waste.

Horseman's Tips

" When energy and performance are needed, Vital-V is the answer"

Vital V
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Add 10ml to feed daily for 30 days.
Turbo Juice: Add 30ml per feed.
Maintenance: Add 30ml to feed three times per week.
= 100 Feeding Days.
Vital ingredients per serving:
Vitamin A Vitamin B6
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B12
Vitamin B2 Vitamin D
Vitamin B3 Vitamin E
Vitamin B5 Vitamin K